Joy is Like an Eye-Pleasing Rainbow

When it rains and the moment sun appears behind the clouds, a colorful picture resembling a bow appears on the canvas of the sky. We call it rainbow which has the seven shades of color arranged in an eye-pleasing order. Earlier people presumed that the rainbow was the bow of Lord Indra, the Rain God. The seven colors are cast when a ray of sun gets distracted while passing through a spectrum of a rain-droplet. The sight of bow-shaped rainbow is a feast to the eyes. It animates, enthuses and delights and our mind over-flows with joy. The rainbow does not linger longer on the horizon.
Similar to that glowing picture of seven colors of a rain-bow, even our earthly pleasures vanish away soon. Human life is a garland of problems. Now and then we get elated when our little wishes get fulfilled. 'The drama of life on the earth is a brief interlude between birth and death'. Philosophers say 'A dream would vanish in the blink of an eye'. As a result of acts committed in previous births, the soul hovers over different bodies. But, they are not permanent. The drop-lets of water get evaporated, condense to a rain-cloud and again drop down on the earth in a shower of rain. The human soul resembles a drop of water. So, we should realize that momentary pleasures do not last longer. Only Sai's Feet provides us ever-new delight. 

"Bow to Shri Sai and Peace Be to all"  
|ॐ| Om Sai Ram |ॐ|

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